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Concussion Facts

   • A concussion is a brain injury
   • All concussions are serious
   • Most concussions DO NOT involve a loss of consciousness
   • A concussion can be caused by a bump, blow or jolt to the head
   • Concussions can occur in any sport or activity


Symptoms Of A Concussion
Signs of a concussion can show up right away or take days or weeks to appear. If you or a family member has an injury to the head and you notice any of the symptoms on the list below, call your doctor right away.


Physical Cognitive


• Headache

• Feeling mentally “foggy”

• Nausea

• Feeling slowed down

• Vomiting

• Difficulty concentrating

• Balance problems

• Difficulty remembering

• Dizziness

• Forgetful of recent information or conversations

• Visual problems

• Confused about recent events

• Fatigue

• Answers questions slowly

• Sensitivity to light

• Repeats questions

• Sensitivity to noise

• Numbness/Tingling

• Dazed or stunned


Emotional Sleep Related

• Irritability

• Drowsiness

• Sadness

• Sleeping less than usual

• More emotional

• Sleeping more than usual


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