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Hawk Talk on Teamwork #3

                This week I have been talking to a number of people about goals and how to reach them. It seems that we all talk about tangible goals; things we can measure, calculate, or quantify. People often ask how the football team is going to be next year or how many games are we going to win or are we going to be successful. I used to answer with stats, returning starters, state of the league or some other way that is used to predict success. This week has helped me to think about what the goals are and what they should be. Yes, I believe that winning is important. The difference may be in what we see as success and failure. The goal is clear from God.  Read Romans 8:29 and 1 Peter 2:21 and the goal set before you will be evident. God wants us to follow in Christ’s footsteps and strive to be like him. In order to do this you must practice something called empathy. Empathy is something that we as Christians should be well versed at doing, but remarkably many people have a problem even defining the word. Empathy is often confused with Sympathy. Sympathy only requires you to feel for the person who is going through a tough time. Empathy, on the other hand, is being able to put yourself in the other persons place and feel what they are feeling.

                I watched “The Passion” the other day and as Jesus was going through the beatings and crucifixion it was easy to feel sympathy and feel bad for him. The challenge is to be able to put yourself in that situation and feel what he felt. Doing that gives a whole new perspective. That is the essence of following in Christ’s footsteps. Jesus was definitely" ALL IN". He gave his life for us and God expects us to follow that lead and be" ALL IN". That means that everything you do, you should do as if you are doing it for God. This simplifies the goal process. As a team our goal should be focused on emulating Christ. If we set that as our goal then all the worldly goals will take care of themselves.

               As we look at goals and teamwork, it makes me think of the second question that I usually ask my teams. “Are you committed to excellence?” Basically, if your goal is to follow in Christ’s footsteps then you are committed to excellence. Commitment is not a sometime thing it is an all the time thing. Excellence should transcend the football field and be exemplified in everything you do. As you explore empathy for others, make sure that you are committed to excellence in everything. Sometimes we are passionate about certain things in our life, like football, and we are willing to commit to being excellent and that is great, but my question is not “Are you committed to excellence in football?” It is simply “Are you committed to Excellence?” Commit to being excellent in your journey with Christ and all the other things will follow suit.


Have a blessed day,


Coach Ru

Hawk Talk on.... Teamwork #2!

Teamwork # 2

I want you to think about all the teams that you have played for in your life. You have probably participated on many athletic teams and some of you have participated on other types of teams such as youth groups, mission teams, academic teams, and work teams. Each team had its vision and goal. There were different objectives for everyone involved and the more unified you became the more you were able to achieve. Think about who you would consider a good teammate on those teams. What qualities made that person a good teammate? How did those qualities contribute to the success of the Team? Teamwork is a complex human endeavor. It takes time and effort to develop a team mentality.

Read Luke 9: 10 -17. What are the qualities of the disciples in this story that exemplify a good teammate? What role did Jesus play in the team effort?

There are 3 questions that I ask of every group that I work with. Teamwork requires trust and belief. Without trust it is impossible to develop a team. In every relationship that you develop there exists a certain amount of trust. If there is a great deal of trust then the relationship flourishes, if there is little trust then there is little success. Trust is required between all members of the team and that includes coaches. Players must trust in each other to do their individual job, the coach must trust the players to perform to the best of their ability and make good decisions on and off the field, and the players must trust the coach to put them in the best positions, maintain safety, and continue to build character

The first question is, CAN YOU BE TRUSTED?


Have a Blessed Day.


Coach Ru

Hawk Talk on... Teamwork!

Being a good teammate is critical to your performance; each of us must learn how to cooperate with others, working together and sharing together all of the good things and all of the rough spots. We must all learn to sacrifice our own selfish needs for the good of the team. When we first met I asked you what position you played. All of you have an idea of what you want to play. What if the position you want to play is not in the best interest of the team. The answer that I am looking for is “I am a football player”. This is also true in your walk with Christ. You probably have an idea of what you want to be and how you want to do things. What if God has a different plan or vision for your life? Are you going to continue to try to do your plan or God’s plan? The answer that God is looking for is “I am a Christian”. No matter what you are called to do or what position you are called to play, you should fulfill that role with everything you have. Read Mark 10: 35-45.

Think about servant leadership. If you want to be a great team then you will be willing to serve the needs of the team and sacrifice your own selfish needs. If you want to be a great leader then you must be willing to serve the needs of those you want to lead.


Have a Blessed Day.


Coach Ru

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