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Clifton Bennett

Head Coach 2019

"I'm truly sad to lose such a mentor as Coach Ruark. However, I am humbled and excited to have the opportunity to continue to work with the Hickory Hawks football organization in such a capacity. I look forward to continuing my work in this ministry in helping provide Godly examples for the young men that I have had the opportunity to grow with over the well as the newcomers to the organization. There will be very little change as far as how the football program is ran as Coach Ruark did an excellent job over the past 5 years building this program. We expect exceptional growth and have some great young men who will continue to contribute in exceptional ways for the years to come. I would like to thank each parent for the opportunity to continue to work with your child as well as welcome any respective potential family into the organization."   **Coach Bennett **

Coach Jim Ruark.JPG

Jim Ruark

Former Head Coach (2014-2018)

In his tenure as Head Coach of the Hawks, Coach Ru lead the Hawks to a 33-28 record , winning a two playoff games and winning the 2016 NACA National  Championship tournament.   Under Coach Ru leadership, the Hawks ranked #2 the in nation among independent football teams in 2016.


The Hawks also went to post season tournament play in Panama City, FL and the National Homeschool Football Championship.


As the first coach of the Hawks, Coach Ruark commands great respect and we are thankful for his tireless efforts in making the Hickory Hawks a first class high school football program. We wish him all the best at whatever he puts his hand to.

Team Record while under the

direction of Coach Bennett:

2019 Season:  6-6

2020 Season: 6-3

2021 Season:

Team Record while under the

direction of Coach Ruark:

2014 Season: 9-4

2015 Season: 7-5

2016 Season: 9-4

2017 Season: 5-7

2018 Season: 3-8

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